ajeevi technologies, vision of a young entrepreneur, pursue a mission of “Go Green Planet” & “Reduce Carbon Footprints” with the use of technology. The mission of social & environmental reform, that will not only ease life of a common man but also saves natural resources that are getting consumed in day to day activities. Several studies conducted on the subject have suggested various ways to make planet greener and save natural resources for future generations. This mission will make the cities smarter, and ease the life of the citizens.
ajeevi Mission - "Providing IT Enabled Solutions to Serve Social Cause of Environment Protection".
ajeevi Vision - "Innogate[Innovate + Integrate], SmartCities ".
We will deliver defect-free services and solutions to meet the requirements of our customers, on-time, and every-time. We will provide outstanding services to all our customers by:
  • Ensuring all agreed service levels are met
  • Ensuring service continuity targets are met
  • Ensuring all legal, regulatory and customer requirements are met
  • Continuously improving the quality of processes, products, solutions and services
  • Reaching out to people with the ideas and Technology
  • Consistent good quality approach
  • Due Diligence about the Solutions provided
Our team comprise of certified domain as well as technology experts, having more than 15 yrs experience in handling mission critical enterprise projects.
  • Microsoft Certified BizSpark Partner
  • LightTalk at SmartCity World Congress Barcelona


Ajeevi works on all the latest technologies, including Moible app developement and COTS products in integration with IOT.


Smart Solutions for Everyone


Prospects willing to opt Smart Solutions

Asp.Net/C#,Vb.Net - [ Microsoft Technologies]
SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Site Finity - [Microsoft COTS Products]
PHP - [ Open Source]
Andrioid, Iphone, Windows - [ Mobile Applications]


Ajeevi, act as enabler for various industries primarily, in the domain of Education, Transport, Healthcare, Governance.

Smart Water includes 24X7 availability of pure water, with metered connection and 100% water leakage stoppage. Smart Energy, using IOT devices to control the enery supply till consumption.
Urban transportation is an important element for smart cities. Hence, the need to review city transportation systems in India (including metros, BRT’s, monorail, trams, waterways, walkways, bicycle tracks, etc.), to provide new and enhanced infrastructure for public transportation. EVs / HEVs, with infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles, and battery storage are expected to play a role in improving the quality of life in Indian cities. Fiscal incentives could encourage faster development in cities. To encourage the use of EV’s, the government has launched a National Mission on Electric Mobility, with a target of 6 million electric vehicles by 2020. Electric vehicle charging stations in urban areas and along state and national highways are to be introduced by 2027.
Smart education will change the way the studies happen. Students and teachers will migrate from schoolbooks to e-learning delivered through computers, tablets and mobile devices. Schools must adopt these technologies and upgrade the infrastructure to allow students and schools to stay connected with real time information.
Finance is the key to run the economy be it of country or individual, instant approvals, tracking of finances enablles to take quick and structured decisions.
Media is the fastest chaning industry, as each second gots lots of tractions, hence it becomes very difficult to track and take unified decisions for the same. The smart solutions by ajeevi, enable the industry to do so.